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Bachelor of Business Administration program:

Educational Goals: to cultivate most in need of implementation and management personnel
Core Competencies
  1. Globalization views
    - to strengthen the international vision
    - to develop the ability of oral, reading and writing in foreign languages
  2. Analysis and decision-making ability
    - training Case Study Ability

    - to develop independent thinking and problem solving skills
  3. Required management and leadership of industry
    - teaching Basic Management knowledge
    - to develop the ability of management knowledge application
    - to involve in practical experience of enterprise
    - teaching management in various fields of expertise: human resource management, marketing management, Management information system, financial management and operational management.
  4. Communication and coordination skills
    - to develop communication and problem solving skills
    - to cultivate capability of practical management knowledge
  5. The ethical and moral concepts
    - student personality development
    - to understand and develop social moral ethics  

Master of Business Administration Program

Education goals: for a variety of background knowledge of college graduates, to educate them to be versatile professional managers and management experts. 
Core Competencies:
  1. Leadership and teamwork
    - to develop logical thinking ability
    familiar with basic concepts of leadership
    motivation, communication and coordination
    - have an insight into the future trends and seize opportunities
  2. The development of managerial expertise
    - to 
    strengthen the basis of theoretical knowledge and application
    - to solve problems and create knowledge
    - to absorb expertise knowledge for analyzing data and make decisions
  3. Inspired innovation
    -training Knowledge Innovation and learning practical ability
    -capable of organizing and managing ability
  4. Establish global perspective 
    - to strengthen the international vision and global management capacity
    - various abilities from professional knowledge
    - strengthen foreign language skills
  5. Development of execution ability
    - project planning and implementation capacity
    - participate in internships or business diagnosis for problem solving and understand the business decisions
  6. The ethical and moral concepts
    - anti-stress, perseverance
    - professional morality and ethics
    - right attitudes in treating people and conduct oneself in society 

PhD of Business Administration Program

Educational goals: to cultivate teaching and research personnel for business administration education in universities.
Core Competencies:
  1. Enhanced research capacity
    - to develop research capabilities and attitude  
    - ability of discovery, analysis and problem-solving.
    - emerging issues in business fields and the ability of Creative Thinking
    - independent thinking, innovative research and paper writing and professional presentation ability
  2. Development of Teaching ability
    - comparing and innovating of domestic enterprises cases
    - exercising and analyzing foreign business cases and literature in depth with an international perspective and to continue innovation in business management education.
    - management group of expertise and outstanding teachers.
    -  business management expertise and the integration ability in related sectors.
    - with the values of business ethics and social responsibility.
  3. Academic communication skills
    - with international language communication skills.
    - capacity to participate in international academic activities.
  4. The ability of teamwork
    -professional ethics, communication and coordination, ability of teamwork. -ability of planning, execution, leadership and projects management and research.