Personal Conference

Year Paper Title
2023 Hao-Jen (Aaron) Hsu;Sungjun (Steven) Park*, 2023.07, 'Whom to Trust? Collaboration Between Human and AI Influencers in Brand Endorsement, ' 2023 AMA Summer Academic Conference, American Marketing Association (AMA).(*為通訊作者), Jul. 2023
2023 Yu Heng Lawrence Chiang;Chia-Yang Chang;Sungjun (Steven) Park*, 2023.07, 'The Role of Subjective Knowledge and Financial Self-efficacy in Millenials’ Adoptions of WealthTech: An Abstract, ' The 24th AMS World Marketing Congress, Academy of Marketing Science (AMS).(*為通訊作者), Jul. 2023
2023 Po-Han Wu;Kuan-Ju Chen*, 2023.07, 'Telling a Good Story from a Bad Company: Examining the Effects of Narrative Richness and Moral Imagination on Consumer Emotions, Attitude, and Behavioral Intention, ' Global Marketing Conference, Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations.(*為通訊作者), Jul. 2023
2023 Chao, C-L;洪叔民*;Yu, Yi-Fu;Chang, Yuan-Yao, 2023.06, 'CEO Turnover and Firm Innovation: The Role of Supply Chain Knowledge, ' DRUID23, Copenhagen Business School.(*為通訊作者), Jun. 2023
2023 Tzu-Yu Chen*;Kuan-Ju Chen, 2023.03, 'How to create the sustainable label in hotel management from the perspective of TPB? The roles of CSR fit and CSR authenticity., ' International Conference on Tourism Sciences (ICTS2023), ICTS2023 Organizing Committee.(*為通訊作者), Mar. 2023
2023 Sallatu, M.A.*;Huang, K.F., 2023.03, 'The Substitute Moderating Role of Reputation on Firm Survivability: The Resource-Based View Perspective, '.(*為通訊作者), Mar. 2023
2023 Tsalits, A.H.*;Huang, K.F., 2023.03, 'Investigating the interplay between international experience and firm signals in export: integrating the RBV with the signaling theory, ' 2023 Academy of International Business (AIB) Conference, Academy of International Business.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), Mar. 2023
2023 Chen, Y.A*;Huang, K.F., 2023.03, 'Exploring the Impact of Digital Technology Resources on SME Internationalization- the Moderating Role of Cultural Distance, ' 2023 Academy of International Business (AIB) Conference, Academy of International Business.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), Mar. 2023
2022 Cong-Minh Dinh;Sungjun (Steven) Park*, 2022.08, 'Consumers’ Interactions with Virtual Conversational Agents: The Mediating Role of Perceived Humanlikeness, ' 2022 AMA Summer Academic Conference, AMA, pp.571-574.(*為通訊作者), Aug. 2022
2022 Cong-Minh Dinh;Mai Pham;Yen-Yu Chen;Ching-Wei Liao*;Sungjun (Steven) Park, 2022.08, 'AI and IoT: A Meta-analysis of Consumers' Adoption of Emerging Technologies, ' 2022 AMA Summer Academic Conference, AMA, pp.561-564.(*為通訊作者), Aug. 2022