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Department of Business Administration was established in 1962 under a cooperative program with University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The mission of the Department is to provide quality management education and skills so that the graduates can become business leaders making significant contribution to the society.

The Department currently has five programs, including bachelor program, master program, doctoral program, and two extension programs: program for high-level executives and program for managers in science and technology based industries. The efforts of the faculty over the years have made the Department a leading school in management education and research. The faculty has also constantly provided services to the society. Major activities of the Department are the following:

Focusing on professional education, development and application of managerial knowledge;
Concentrating on case teaching methods, and cultivating the analytical and decision-making abilities of learners;
Emphasizing computer knowledge and applications to cope with the development of information technology;
Guiding the pedagogical direction of business administration, publishing cases, and developing the computer software of business simulation (BOSS);
Conducting research involving the issues of internationalization, localization and inter-disciplinary nature; and
Offering training programs and consultation to public and private organizations.
In the future, the Department will devote its efforts to the following activities: Encouraging the understanding of business practices; Contributing to the society as in the past; and Engaging in three joint efforts: Developing and modifying BOSS, a widely used computer game which simulates the operations of business in the real world; Continuing the sponsorship of an annual conference on service management; and Holding CEO Forum to establish a platform between academics and business practices.