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Future Prospects

In the next five years, the Department will devote its efforts to the following activities:


The Department is renowned for case teaching. Faculty members will continue to improve and apply the case approach. To increase the understanding of business practices, all forms of interacting with executives, such as seminars, workshops, and company visits, will be encouraged. Through class discussion and presentation, library-research and participation in extra curricular activities, analytical and communication skills of students will be sharpened. Also, through international exchange programs and exposure to foreign countries, the international vision of students will be broadened.

Extension education and service

As in the past, the Department will contribute to society by developing cases, providing in-company training, offering executive education and engaging in consulting services.

Faculty members

Teaching staff with the expertise in the areas of human resource management, marketing management, operations management, technological management, electronic business or quantity analysis will be recruited.

Academic activities

Besides pursuing personal research interests, faculty members will engage in three joint efforts:
–Developing and modifying Business Operations Simulation System, a widely used computer game which simulates the operations of business in the real world;
–Continuing the sponsorship of an annual conference on service management, a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing research findings about service management; and
–Holding conferences and workshops on issues related to small- and medium-sized firms.