2021 Business Administration Department Applications Evaluation Results:

  • 2021-04-20
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Thank you for your interest in the Business Administration Program, please kindly find the listed candidates below who has passed the first evaluation, and will need to prepare for an Oral Exam on April 27th (Tuesday) :

Undergraduate Program (BA)

NO Chinese Name English Name
1 安泰烔 Taehyung, Ahn
2 彭荣凱 Patrick, Sam Pierry
4 許鳳娟 Brenda, Auryn Wijaya
5 呂威達 Christian, Leonhardson
6 甜雅婧 Kamonthat, Pianporncharoen
7 何高魁 Khoi, Cao Ha
8 宋士古 Cesaraugusto, Sanchez Montauti
9 克謝尼婭 Ksenia, Argunova
10 林常恩 Sangeun, Lim
12 安諾 Anujin, Otgonbaatar
14 N/A Mr Tammarat, Phukhrongtaew
*The order is not the ranking.

MBA Program

NO Chinese Name English Name
1 孔馨 Cosima, Tabea Knosel
2 龍韌凱 Scott, Isador Ballan
3 蔡嘉騰 Chua Jia Teng
4 童春雄 Dong Xuan Hung
*The order is not the ranking.

Doctoral Program

NO Chinese Name English Name
1 蔡明偉 Chua, Ming Wei Gabriel
2 張萬祁 QI, ZHANG
3 阮氏好 Hao, Thi Nguyen
4 NA Yelly, Fitria Permana
5 依丁默 Muhammad, Izharuddin
6 NA Luksi, Visita
7 丁妮婷 Neeti, Dixit
!!! Important Notes!!!
  1. Please reply this email upon receival to confirm your registration for Oral Examinations before 12:00pm, Apr. 22 (Thu,Taipei time)
  2. All scheduled times shall be notified via Email and posted on BA Chinese and English websites on Apr. 23(Fri), please ensure to check your Email frequently within the next few days.
  3. Please prepare to attend the Oral Exam on the exact scheduled time.
  4. All scheduled time CAN’T be changed and is according to LOCAL TAIPEI time.
  5. If you do not already have an Skype account, please apply for one, add “nccuba” and inform us.
    In order to confirm connection quality, a testing session will be arranged on Apr. 22(Wed) 13:00-16:00 in order to check connections for the formal Oral Exam.
  6. The Department of Business Administration holds ALL rights to alter the announced scheduled times accordingly.
  7. Required Documentation: ARC, Passport or Any Other Official Identification (with Photo) on oral exam.
Contact person
Chelsey Lee