Job Title Associate Professor
Office Tel No. 81109
Research Expertise •Internet community to participate in behavior,Consumer decision-making behavior•Customer Relationship Management
Teaching Field Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing
Address Department of Business Administration, National ChengChi University NO.64, Sec.2,ZhiNan Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City 11605,Taiwan (R.O.C)
Year Paper Title
2019 P.-J. Kao;白佩玉*;H.T. Tsai, 2019.09, 'Looking at both sides of relationship dynamics in virtual communities: A social exchange theoretical lens, ' Information & Management,.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受), 424867
2016 白佩玉*;H.T. Tsai, 2016.01, 'Reciprocity norms and information-sharing behavior in online consumption communities: An empirical investigation of antecedents and moderators, ' Information & Management, Vol.53, No.1, pp.38–52.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 409270
2015 P.-J. Kao*;白佩玉;T. Lin;J.-Y. Zhong, 2015.06, 'How transformational leadership fuels employees’ service innovation behavior, ' The Service Industries Journal, Vol.35, No.7-8, pp.448-466.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 407275
2014 HT Tsai*;白佩玉, 2014.01, 'Why Do Newcomers Participate in Virtual Communities? An Integration of Self-Determination and Relationship Management Theories., ' Decision Support Systems, Vol.1, No.57, pp.178-187.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 402792
2013 白佩玉*;D. Arnott, 2013.05, 'User adoption of social networking sites: Eliciting uses and gratifications through a means–end approach, ' Computers in Human Behavior, Vol.29, No.3, pp.1039-1053.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 371692
2013 H.T. Tsai;白佩玉*, 2013.04, 'Explaining Members' Proactive Participation in Virtual Communities, ' International Journal of Human - Computer Studies, Vol.71, No.4, pp.475-491.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 378937
2012 H.T. Tsai;白佩玉*, 2012.03, 'Positive and negative aspects of online community cultivation: Implications for online stores’ relationship management, ' Information & Management, Vol.49, No.2, pp.111-117.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 362796
2011 白佩玉;H.T. Tsai, 2011.05, 'How virtual community participation influences consumer loyalty intentions in online shopping contexts: An investigation of mediating factors., ' Behaviour & Information Technology, Vol.30, No.5, pp.603-615.(SSCI), 362795
Year Paper Title
2017 白佩玉*;Hsien-Tung Tsai;Jun-Yu Zhong, 2017.08, 'Why Service Employees Engage in Innovation Processes: A Dual Process Model, ' Innovation and Sustainability in Marketing, American Marketing Associaition, pp.O-25~O-26.(*為通訊作者)
2017 白佩玉*;Bo-Hsien Tsai, 2017.08, 'Customer Participation in Online Service Contexts: An Empirical Investigation in the Online Travel Booking, ' Innovation and Sustainability in Marketing, American Marketing Association, pp.O-8~O-9.(*為通訊作者)
2016 H.-Y. Hung;白佩玉*;H.T. Tsai, 2016.08, 'Dancing with consumers’ value cocreation on a resource-integration platform: A stage setting of service-dominant logic in a green exchange ecosystem., ' 2016 Summer AMA Conference, American Marketing Association.(*為通訊作者)
2012 白佩玉*, 2012.12, '小林髮廊─服務創新機制之個案研究, ' 第十八屆服務業管理研討會個案集, pp.44-66.(*為通訊作者)
2011 白佩玉*, 2011.06, 'Identifying the differences between possible joiners and non-joiners of online communities, ' 2011 Asia-Pacific Association of Consumer Research..(*為通訊作者)
2010 白佩玉*, 2010.09, ' Initial trust building in online community participation: Examining the moderators of individual traits., ' 2010 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo..(*為通訊作者)
2010 白佩玉*, 2010.09, 'How do hedonic- and utilitarian-oriented e-reader characteristics influence users’ adoption decisions? An empirical model from users’ perspective., ' 2010 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo..(*為通訊作者)
2010 白佩玉*, 2010.07, 'Member acquisition in online communities: an investigation of the antecedents and outcomes of initial trust., ' 2010 Academy of Marketing Conference.(*為通訊作者)
2009 白佩玉, 2009.05, 'Facilitating the development of firm-customer relationships through virtual community cultivation., ' 2009 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Meeting.
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
MOST Projects 108 實體零售業採用行動科技對顧客心智及公司績效之影響探討 PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2019.08 ~ 2020.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 107 社群商務情境下的顧客投入:顧客資源整合觀點 PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2018.08 ~ 2019.12 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 106 從跨層次觀點探討個人因應變革之決策過程:以多重通路零售業為例 PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2017.08 ~ 2018.12 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 105 新手媽媽如何透過線上社群資源進行角色移轉:角色學習觀點 PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2016.08 ~ 2017.11 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 104 消費者對於線上評論之採納行為決策研究:社會影響觀點 PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2015.08 ~ 2016.08 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 103 線上服務的顧客參與過程:服務主導邏輯觀點 PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2014.08 ~ 2015.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 101 虛擬團隊成員的行為研究:新進者適應、團隊認同,及主動參與行為(2/2) PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2013.08 ~ 2014.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 101 虛擬團隊成員的行為研究:新進者適應、團隊認同,及主動參與行為(1/2) PAI PEI-YU Principal Investigator 2012.08 ~ 2013.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
UNITED KINGDOM the University of Warwick Warwick Business School Ph.D. 2008.09 ~ 2011.07
UNITED KINGDOM Master 2004.09 ~ 2005.06
UNITED KINGDOM Master 2002.09 ~ 2003.07
TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA Bachelor 1998.09 ~ 2002.06
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Inside School 106 104學年度「院教學特優教師」 商學院
Inside School 105 學術研究優良獎 政治大學
Inside School 105 教學優良教師獎 (專業課程) 政治大學
Inside School 104 102學年度「院教學特優教師」 商學院
Inside School 103 教學優良教師獎 (專業課程) 政治大學
Inside School 103 101學年度「院教學特優教師」 商學院